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Selected automotive applications

Paint finishing and curing

Roof heating

IRT Industrial infrared curing

Cavity waxing

On line/off line spot repairs

Assembly line installations

Energy-saving heat

Energy-saving heat transfer for automotive applications.
Reliable high-performance heat transfer is critical for high throughput and high quality in the extremely demanding automotive industry.
Our energy-saving infrared heating technology is used in the automotive sector for the drying and curing of paint in new production installations and paint-spraying shops. We supply a wide range of heat transfer solutions for automotive manufacturing including assembly line installations and solutions for roof heating, cavity waxing, on line/off line spot repairs and electro-static dipping. Heaters can be wall-mounted installed in rail systems, or on floor-mounted mobiles. There is an almost unlimited range of solutions to meet various needs in areas such as reach, effect, duration, ease-of-operation, monitoring and reporting.

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