Drester Waste Management

Improves the working environment and collects the paint waste in a safe and efficient way

Product Highlights - Waste Management

Improve environment

The waste management improves your environment and gets rid of paint residues and other waste in a safe and efficient way in compliance with all applicable European directives and standards

Efficient workflow

The Drester Waste Management by Hedson comes in three different models: one for liquid waste, one for solid waste and one model combining the two. Each model has two compartments, so you can easily separate two different types of waste, for example waterborne paints from solvent borne

Flexible usage

Equipped with two funnels with grids, for cans to be left to drain. The extraction can be connected either directly or through a hood

Technical Specification

Drester WM-90-1
Part.no. WM-90-1
Shipment dimensions (WM-90-1)
1 pcs on ½ pallet, 600*800 mm, 54 kg
Drester WM-90-2
Part.no. WM-90-2
Shipment dimensions (WM-90-2)
1 pcs on ½ pallet, 600*800 mm, 53 kg
Drester WM-90-3
Part.no. WM-90-3
Shipment dimensions (WM-90-3)
1 pcs on ½ pallet, 600*800 mm, 58 kg
42 kg (93 lbs)
Height - Standard
1025 mm (40”)
Height - With hood
1470 mm (58”)
Height - With hood and airvent
2230 mm (89”)
780 mm (31”)
Compressed air needed
7–12 bar (110-180 psi) 450 l/min (16 cfm) (if extraction is desired)
Depth at the floor
570 mm (23”)
Extractor flange diameter
125 mm (5”) with flange part.no. 10187


Minivent (3ph. 380V, 250W)
Part.no. 2050
Minivent (3ph. 415V, 250W)
Part.no. 2055
Minivent (1ph. 230V, 250W)
Part.no. 1294
Airvent (Ø125 mm)
Part.no. 11660
Magnetic gun holder
Part.no. 15650
Collecting tray
Part.no. 10960
Part.no. 17350
Part.no. 10187
Airvent kit
Part.no. 1440
Part.no. 13657
Waste box (w. drain hose)
Part.no. R13490
Waste box (open bottom)
Part.no. 13666
Drain Hose
Part.no. 13370
Working platform
Part.no. 13401
Side shelf
Part.no. 14030


Drester WM-90
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Drester WM-90 - assembly illustrations
244.36 KB
Drester WM-90 - hood assembly
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