Upgraded Drester GP filter eQ!

Optimize workflow, save time and costs in the workshop with Hedson's latest patent application, an automatic water purification filter unit

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Product Highlights - GP Filter eQ

Drester GP filter eQ water purification

Fully Automated

A fully automatic and integrated water purification system, without operation disturbances for changing the water. With the GP Filter eQ filtration unit, it is possible to wash appr. 5000 wheels without changing the water while remaining a low water consumption per washed wheel.

Drester GP filter eQ


The Drester GP Filter eQ by Hedson filtration unit is fully integrated with the software of the Drester wheel washers (the GP and W-750 models), which ensures an easy, user-friendly and reliable cleaning method.

Drester GP filter eQ water purification

Easy to use

With different solutions for letting out/ pumping out the purified water into the drain and the fact that the unit can be placed up to 10 m from the wheel washer - placing of the units doesn’t depend on where the drain is located.


Drester GP Filter eQ
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Technical Specification

Drester GP Filter eQ

Drester GP Filter eQ
Part.no. 231000
Shipment dimensions
1pcs on pallet
230 V~
50 Hz
0.2 A
46 W
Compressed air connection
Thread size G¼”, Min 7 bar (100 psi), Max 12 bar (174 psi)
Air consumption
Approx. 50 liter / wash cycle
Water consumption
Approx. 1-1.5 liter / washed wheel
Water connection (accessory)
Water hose, Ø ½”
Water pressure (static)
Recommended >3.5 bar (50 psi)
Measures (WxDxH)
700 x 597 x 1884 mm (28”x 24” x 74”)
85 kg (187 lbs.)
Sound pressure level
73 dB(A) Measured from a distance of 1 meter from machine and 1.6 meters distance from floor
Included in delivery
5 kg floculation Powder, 1 pc filter bags
Works with
GP 10/12/24 + W-750

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Flocculation Powder for Water Cleaning
5 kg - Part.no R12076 
0,5 kg - Part.no R12147

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Hose filter

Filter collects dirt and particles from water in the wheel washer.

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