A fully automatic wheel washer - increases productivity and profitability, saves space and personnel in the workshop

Product Highlights - GP24 Le Mans


The Drester GP24 by Hedson reduces manpower in the tire shop and improves workflow and ergonomics. At the same time the wheel washer is environmentally friendly considering the cleaning method and waste handling


The Drester GP24 by Hedson washes all kinds of alloy and SUV wheels with the dynamic flush pipe technology. The dynamic flush pipe sweeps along the outside of the rim during the cleaning, this makes the target area of the granules more efficient than that of a fixed nozzle


The machine works automatically and without interruption until the last wheel is cleaned. Load the wheels on a trolley, dock it to the machine and push the start button – the machine will take care of the rest. With the trolleys there is no need for extra lifts

Technical Specification

Drester GP24 Le Mans

Drester GP24 Le Mans
Part.no. GP241-AK
Shipment dimensions
1pcs on pallet, 1620*1200 mm, 410 kg
Wheel width
135-350 mm (5”-14”)
Wheel diameter
540-800 mm (22”-31”)
Max Wheel Weight
45 kg (99 lbs.)
Compressed air connection
8-12 bar (120-174 psi)
Air consumption
400 litres/wash cycle
Air flow
1000 litres/min. at 7 bar
Power supply
400V, 3~, 50 Hz, 16 A
Measures (WxDxH)
1620 x 1100 x 1550 mm (64”x 43” x 61”)
Height, open lid
2360 mm (93”)
Weight of unit
320 kg (704 lbs.) without water or DoublePower
Weight of trolley
56 kg/trolley
Water volume
300 litres (79 US-gallon)
Water consumption
1 litre/washed wheel
Cleaning time/ wheel
Adjustable settings from 25-155 secs settings when delivered 25, 50, 75, 100 secs (dry blowing not included).
Clean rinse
0,3 litre/wheel
Included in delivery
2 trolleys, 20 kg (44lbs.) of DoublePower Granules, Heater, Granule Basket, Clean Rinse, Granule Filter


Drester GP 24 - manual
13.03 MB

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