Herkules K700

A universally applicable lift for tire service workshops

Product Highlights

High capacity

The lifting and lowering of the working height is done safely and smoothly with a Herkules K700 by Hedson and increases the access to damaged areas and the ergonomic work process with loading capacity up to 2,8 tons

Space saving

No installations are required, can be used immediately and facilitate an individual planning of the tire workshop by using the existing space optimally.


The lifting height of this lift allows for an ergonomic work position and due to the wheel free lifting all work at the tire service, brake-service or tuning operations are accomplished.

Technical Specification

Herkules K700

Herkules K700
Part.no. K700-45
840 kg
Loading Capacity
2,8 tons
Air supply
6 bar
Working height
~1100 mm
Object height only
110 mm
Lifting height
930 mm

Consumables - Rubber blocks

120x100x30 mm for DB
Part.no. 800-104
120x100x80 mm Standard
Part.no. 800-105
220x130x120 mm for Multi lift
Part.no. 800-106
120x120x100 mm for Multi lift
Part.no. 800-107
220x130x120 mm RS lift
Part.no. 800-108
160x140x110 mm for VW bus, Transporter
Part.no. 800-112

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