IRT FlexArch

Targeted Temperature Rise: Control and ramp up with precision

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IRT FlexArch

Experience Precision Spot Repair with IRT FlexArch

IRT FlexArch

Static curing process with pyrometer controlled surface temperature.

Precise Selection

Choose paint type, car model, and panel effortlessly.

Targeted temperature

Follow set temperature increases for optimal curing.

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IRT FlexArch

Static curing process with pyrometer controlled surface temperature

Simply choose the desired panels to be dried and start the curing process.

IRT technology is based on gold coated reflectors behind the short wave infrared lamps, which provides 97% reflection of the emitted infrared radiation. The outstanding curing capability as well as the industry-wide shortest drying times belong to the characteristics of IRT.
By using the IRT FlexArch curing times will be reduced to a minimum while increasing the paint shop capacity at the same time. Finally, using the controller is as easy as using your smartphone. The IRT FlexArch is designated to be installed inside a spray- or curing booth. Via a ceiling mounted rail system the IRT FlexArch can smoothly be moved to the affected car panels, in order to start the infrared curing process.
Possible application fields: curing of base- and clear coats.