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Hedson Industrial Solutions is a leading provider for industrial curing, heating and drying processes in manufacturing

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Selected industries and applications

IRT Industrial infrared curing


IRT solutions heat and dry surface coatings on aviation components, providing uncompromising quality in stringently controlled processes

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IRT Industrial infrared curing


Our technology is used widely in the automotive sector for drying and curing paint in new production installations and paint-spraying shops

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The range of infrared heating technology applications in the paper and converting industry includes heating and drying paper webs

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Our equipment is used to heat, preheat and dry the surface finish on all types of wood

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IRT systems are applied in the drying and curing of glues in a wide range of industrial processes

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Controlled heating

IRT control units use advanced technology to ensure optimal curing results – even on sensitive materials

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Our customized solutions use infrared and UVA dryers to boost efficiency and productivity in industrial curing processes

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Lamination processes

IRT technology is used for fast and efficient drying in a wide range of lamination processes, particularly in the wood industry

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Paint lines

Our IR Booster concept improves process efficiency and production rates in all types of conveyor-based wet/dry paint processes

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Wind power

Our infrared heat technology is used in curing and drying processes, such as curing rubber on the leading edge of wind turbine propellers

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