IRT curing by Hedson

Ceiling-mounted dryers are ideal for body shop use, since they do not take up usable space and encroach into the working area

IRT curing by Hedson

Save energy consumption and make the body shop more comfortable

IRT curing by Hedson

Required floor space and heat consumption are minimized


Advanced and user-friendly technology
IRT by Hedson offers a wide selection of Short-wave Infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UVA) mobile dryers and each model has its own area of use. IRT products are user-friendly and are easy to move around in the workshop.
Every part in a IRT by Hedson dryer is based on a well thought-out and tested design based on user-friendliness and capacity.

  • Short curing times
  • Large curing area
  • Even heat distribution
  • Gold-coated FreeForm reflectors
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Environmentally friendly

Combi IR-UVA Dryers


IRT ICure, energy saving, robotic IR/UVA curing

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curing IR_UVA IRT

IRT Rail System Dryers Combi 4-10 & 4-20 IR-UVA

Unique rail system dryers due to the combination of shortwave infrared and UVA radiation

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IRT curing

IRT Combi 4-1 & 4-2

Unique mobile dryers due to the combination of shortwave infrared and UVA radiation

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Rail System Dryers

IRT SlimArch by Hedson IR

IRT FlexiCure

Flexible for the prep zone, 4 curing zones with 3 IR lamps per zone

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IRT Rail System IR Dryers 4-10 & 4-20 PcAuto

Equipped with user friendly advanced technology such automatic temperature and distance measuring

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IRT Rail Systems IR Dryers 3-20 PcD

Adapted for the prep station and the spray booth with a control unit for computerized curing process

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powercure IRT by hedson curing

IRT PowerCure

Simply choose the desired panels to be dried and start the curing process

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UVA Dryers

IRT UV SpotCure2

IRT UV SpotCure², next generation UV lamps from IRT. An unbeatable combination of power and curing size.

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UV LED curing with SmartCure from IRT

IRT UV SmartCure

Outstanding UV-LED curing performance with exchangeable batteries. IRT UV SmartCure weighs just 1 kg and cures 80 spot repairs on one charge.

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curing_UVA IRT

IRT UVA 1 & 2 PrepCure 4

Flexible stand enabling curing of roofs on high vehicles, each unit equipped with special designed reflectors

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curing_UVA IRT

IRT UVA 1 PrepCure 3

Mobile UVA dryer for curing on vertical surfaces, equipped with one UVA-lamp and a special designed reflector

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IR Dryers

IRT DTP infrared dryer

Suitable for hibake applications, up to 200°C/390F

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IRT by Hedson 3-1 PcD 3-2 PcD infrared IR curing

IRT 3-1 & 3-2 PcD

Standard dryer with process control for all types of workshops and paint materials

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IRT by Hedson 4-1 4-2 PcAuto infrared IR curing

IRT 4-1 & 4-2 PcAuto

Infrared dryer equipped with user friendly advanced technology for better and faster curing

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IRT by Hedson 3 prepcure 4 prepcure curing infrared

IRT 3 & 4 PrepCure

Even the smallest models are very efficient and perfect for curing on small to medium-sized surfaces

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curing IRT by Hedson PrepCure 1 and 2 Infrared light IR

IRT 1 & 2 PrepCure

Dryer with simple design and function but still the same high quality as the advanced IRT dryers by Hedson

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Rail Systems

curing_railsystem IRT

IRT Rail Systems

The cross rail system can be installed to the wall or ceiling. Tailor-made to suit different working areas

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