IRT UV SmartCure

Outstanding UV LED curing performance with exchangeable batteries.
IRT UV SmartCure weighs just above 1 kg and cures 80 spot repairs on one charge

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UV LED curing with SmartCure from IRT

UV LED curing with SmartCure from IRT


SmartCure is equipped with the latest UV-LED high quality technology for UV-filler and primer. Monitored to keep light performance on a constant high level throughout the complete battery cycle. Cures an area of Ø 16 cm in just 10 seconds. Replace the battery with a click.

UV LED curing with SmartCure from IRT


Advanced electronics guarantee the highest possible performance from battery, UV-LED module and cooling system. Experience zero power loss even with an almost empty battery. Safety features such as auto shutdown if electronics or UV-LED are overheated. The cooling system activates on demand.

UV LED curing with SmartCure from IRT


IRT UV SmartCure is compact with an ergonomic trigger switch grip and comfortable hardwearing handle design.
Twin battery pack, charger, magnetic wall bracket and UV safety eye wear is included.

*SmartCure 395 nm alternatives:*SmartCure 365 nm alternatives:
EU; in cardboard box 715070-1 / EU; in hard case 715070-2 EU; in cardboard box 715365-1 / EU; in hard case 715365-2
NA; in cardboard box 715070-3 / NA; in hard case 715070-4NA; in cardboard box 715365-3 / NA; in hard case 715365-4
UK; in cardboard box 715070-5 / UK; in hard case 715070-6UK; in cardboard box 715365-5 / UK; in hard case 715365-6
JP; in cardboard box 715070-7 / JP; in hard case 715070-8JP; in cardboard box 715365-7 / JP; in hard case 715365-8
AUS; in cardboard box 715070-9 / AUS; in hard case 715070-10AUS; in cardboard box 715365-9 / AUS; in hard case 715365-10
IRT UV SmartCurePart no. 715070-X* (395nm) / Part no. 715365-X* (365nm)
Hard caseArt nr. 800806
Dust cover Art nr. 715193
FilterArt nr. 715074
VoltageSmartCure 18 VDC, Battery 18 VDC, Charger 100-240 VAC
Frequency50-60 Hz
CurrentSmartCure 8 A, Charger 2 A
Power200 W
Noise level<60 dB (A)
Weight (including battery)1,16 kg
Wavelength (peak)395 nm: Art no. 715070-X*, 365 nm: Art no. 715365-X*
Dimensions189/250/88 mm
Degree of protectionIP X4
Risk Group EN624713 (RG-3)
Included in delivery2 batteries, charger, magnetic wall bracket, UV Safety glasses

Instructions manual
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