Consumables & accessories

Optimise performance with Consumables and accessories by Hedson

Cleaning - Wheel Washers


Detergent BIO-291
Part.no. BIO-291

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drester by hedson wheel washer granules

Optimal cleaning performance - only water and granules
Part.no. 230794

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Hose filter

Filter collects dirt and particles from water in the wheel washer.

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Flocculation Powder for Water Cleaning
5 kg - Part.no R12076 
0,5 kg - Part.no R12147

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Hose filter

Hose Filter for water cleaning
Part.no. 12038

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Performance Components

Granule filter

Filter suitable for all Drester wheel washers
Part.no. 230508

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The Quick Lift loads a heavy wheel in less than 3 sec.
Part.no. 230315

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GP24 Trolley

Trolley/Docking Unit
Part.no. 230556

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