Drester mixing table

Keep the mixing room structured and add Side shelf, Hood and Airvent to your mixing table for a more efficient workflow

Product Highlights

Space saving

Smart and space saving storage which gives efficient work flow. The basic model has one shelf underneath and this solution fits every work shop.
(Standard/start model, powder coated, without side self, hood and airvent.)


The mixing table is adapted in colour and shape for a smart and homogenous look in the mixing room. Choose what shape is needed and customize the mixing room


A better, more flexible and safer cleaning performance in the mixing room. Have a organized och tidy work environment in the mixing room as well

Technical Specification

Drester mixing table
Part.no. MT-120 (standard/start model, powder coated, without side self, hood and airvent)
Shipment dimensions
1 pallet, 1300*800 mm, 52 kg
Height basic model
930 mm (36,6")
Height with slot extraction
1110 mm (43,7")
Height with hood
1470 mm (57,9")
Working height
905 mm (35,6")
Weight basic model
30 kg (66 lbs)
Weight with slot extraction and airvent
36,5 kg (79 lbs)
Weight with hood and airvent
45 kg (99 lbs)
1200 mm (47,2")
Max depth
565 mm (22")
Airvent diameters
100-125 mm (4" - 5")


Airvent (Ø125 mm)
Part.no. 11660
Magnetic gun holder
Part.no. 15650
Part.no. 10187
Airvent kit
Part.no. 13440
Part.no. 17360
Airvent (unit for 17360)
Part.no. 14040
Slot extraction (for 14010)
Part.no. 13970
Airvent (Ø80 mm)
Part.no. 14010
Shelf, extra
Part.no. 13930
Side shelf
Part.no. 14030


Drester MT-120
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Drester MT-120 illustrations
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Drester MT-120
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