Drester by Hedson

The global leader of spray gun cleaners and wheel washers

Drester by Hedson

Global leader of spray gun cleaners and wheel washers
As the global leader of spray gun cleaners and wheel washers for automotive trie shops and body shops with distribution in all major markets, Drester is noted for quality, performance, efficiency and reliability. We consistently work to find innovative solutions so our customers can perform their task optimally. Putting quality first, manufacturing and assembling is done in our own premises in Arlöv, Sweden.

Wheel Washers

Drester by hedson gp24 wheel washer

Drester GP24 Le Mans

Increase productivity and profitability with our fully automatic wheel washer

Drester by hedson gp10 wheel washer

Drester GP10 Monza

Rational and efficient wheel washer with fixed flush pipes for fantastic cleaning performance

Drester by hedson gp12 wheel washer

Drester GP12 Silverstone

Premium wheel washer with a patented dynamic flush pipe for fast and efficient cleaning result.

Drester by Hedson PowerWash W-450 wheel washers

Drester W-450 PowerWash

A compact and easy to use wheel washer suitable for every workshop where tires are handled.

drester by hedson gp24 trolley wheel washer

Drester Accessories

Increase productivity and profitability with our fully automatic wheel washer

Drester GP filter eQ water purification

Drester GP filter eQ

Optimize workflow with an automatic water purification filter unit

Gun Cleaners

drester by hedson gun cleaners boxer quattro combi di44c

Drester Boxer Combo

A compact-size unit for both solvent-based and water-borne cleaning with 2 working stations

drester by hedson gun cleaner dc 11 dc12 compact

Drester Boxer Compact

A gun cleaner with a small footprint and is user-friendly with outstanding cleaning performance

drester by hedson gun cleaners boxer quattro solvent di44s

Drester Boxer Solvent

Automatic and manual, cleaning process with re-circulating solvent and clean solvent, which saves time and solvent

drester by hedson boxer double aqua di22a

Drester Boxer Aqua

Automatic and manual water-borne gun cleaner

Drester by hedson classic 1000 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 1000

The world’s no.1 manual gun cleaner for all water-borne paint systems

drester by hedson classic 1050 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 1050

Manual spray gun cleaner with brush and high pressure rinse gun

drester by hedson classic 2600 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 2600

The complete manual gun cleaner for efficient cleaning of spray guns and other tools

drester by hedson classic 3600 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 3600

Automatic gun cleaner with manual clean rinse, designed for use with conventional paints

drester by hedson classic 8000 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 8000

An automatic gun cleaner with automatic clean rinse, designed for use with solvent-based or water-borne conventional or water based paints

drester by hedson quickrinse gun cleaners qr-10

Drester QuickRinse

A manual gun cleaner for use with disposable cups, for both water-borne and solvent based paints

drester gun cleaner DIX22 x-series double

Drester X-series

Robust gun cleaners for cleaning of all types of paint

drester by hedson mixing table gun cleaners

Drester Mixing table

Keep the mixing room structured for a more efficient workflow

dynamic triple drester by hedson gun cleaners

Drester Dynamic Triple

Better gun cleaning performance with an environmentally friendly closed system of solvents

drester by hedson wastemanagement WM90

Drester Waste Management

Improves the working environment and collects the paint waste in a safe and efficient way

Drester Ace

With new and unique Capture@Source ventilation