Drester Classic 1050

Manual spray gun cleaner with brush and high pressure rinse gun

Product Highlights - Classic 1050

Low waterconsumption

Thanks to the effective cleaning and water reuse facility, water consumption is low and the environmental impact is reduced

agitated automatically

The liquid is agitated automatically with air. After filtration the water can be reused or pumped out through the brush


Manual clean rinse with venture nozzle and foot operated for hands-free operation. Complete manual gun cleaner - all you need in one unit for manual cleaning

Technical Specification

Drester Classic 1050
Part.no. 1050 (standard unit)
Shipping dimensions
1 pcs on ½ pallet, 600*800 mm
21 kg
Air consumption
100 l/min (4 cfm)
Flow through brush
1,5-2 l/min
Air supply
5-12 bar (80-180 psi)
Liquid volume of machine
35 l
1050 mm (41”)
Ø 590 mm (23”)


Manual - Drester Classic 1050
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