Herkules by Hedson

Herkules Lifting Equipment

Herkules by Hedson

Herkules lifting equipment & dust extraction systems
Herkules is a market leader in a range of workshop products such as vehicle lifts and dust extractors. Right from the start our focus was on providing safer, more ergonomic systems that improved workshop efficiency. With an estimated 85% of work on repairing car damage requiring workers to operate in a stooped position, a safe, ergonomic vehicle lift system minimizes the risk of fatigue and long-term health problems for staff. Our innovative pneumatic lifts, driven by compressed air, are ergonomic solutions that meets high demands for efficiency, but do not require an oil-supply, as hydraulic systems, or electrical connections.

Herkules extraction systems provide a high-quality vacuum dust extraction solution for workshops of any size. The optimum system is configured from the system’s modular components after a workshop analysis.
Herkules products are manufactured and assembled in the land of engineering at our own facilities in Kassel, Germany, and are sold in all major markets.

Car Lifting

Herkules HLS 1200 DUO

Outstanding lift with double operation. One lift - two possibilities

Herkules by hedson lift Transmobile

Herkules Transmobile

Move the vehicles through tight spaces in the workshop safe and easy

herkules by hedson lift painter

Herkules Painter

Safe lifting for all kind of works around the vehicle, suitable in the prep area and spray booth

Other workshop equipment

The perfect carrying and storage system in the workshop

Herkules HM 1100

The perfect lift for all types of body and paint shops

Herkules by hedson airgomatic 3213 lift

Herkules AirgoMatic 3213

The perfect lift for all types of body and paint shops

Herkules HLS 1200

The perfect lift for all types of body and paint shops

Herkules K700

The perfect lift for the tire workshop

Herkules Product finder

Die perfekte Hebebühne für alle Reifen- und Bremsenservice

Herkules AirgoMatic 3213 Duo

Optimized lift for body- and paintshop

Herkules HM 3213

Die perfekte Hebebühne für alle Karosserie- und Lackierbetriebe

Hexacomb Turbo

herkules by hedson dust extraction turbo 2 t2

Herkules T-2 Mobile

The mobile working place in the prep area

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