Drester Dynamic Triple

Better gun cleaning performance with an environmentally friendly closed system of solvents

Product Highlights - Dynamic Triple

Cost savings

Reduce the solvent consumption to save money and the environment

Time saving

Keep the spray guns cleaner and speed up the workflow

Safe and clean

The dirty and hazardous manual solvent handling is eliminated and keeps the workshop clean

Technical Specification

Drester RXD - Docking unit
Part.no. RDX-8012 (Drester Classic 2600, 3600 & 8000)
Drester RXD - Docking unit
Part.no. RDX-9012 (Drester Boxer Aqua & Boxer Solvent)
Drester 120 - Recycler
Part.no. DR-120-A

Drester RXD - Docking unit

21 kg (46 lbs)
700 mm (17,5”)
500 mm (19,5”)
Compressed air needed
Clean, dry air at 3-10 bar
Solvent capacity
Max. 80 liters
Pump capacity
10 l/minutes
Liquid pressure
2 bar

Drester 120 - Recycler

67 kg (148 lbs)
590 mm (23”)
1610 mm (63”)
Max depth
120 mm (47”)
Type of solvents distillable
Thinner type
Boiler capacity
12 litres
Residues discharge
Plastic bag
Condensation system
By air
Condensate material
Stainless steel
3-4 hours
200-240 V single Phase 50 or 60Hz
Electrical construction
Explosion proof

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Product Add-ons


recycle bags

Recycle bags for waste handling
Part.no. 11061

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