AquaSolve - water-borne solvent

Better cleaning performance and more friendly for the environment, now with a new formula


When cleaning automatically, a water-borne solvent is necessary, since dried waterborne paint will not dissolve with only water. Drester AquaSolve by Hedson can be used with both automatic and manual gun cleaners and it keeps its excellent cleaning power even when used for several weeks.
With a proper gun cleaner, the main cleaning is done with re-circulating Drester AquaSolve by Hedson and only a very minor amount of fresh solvent is spent per gun. The Drester AquaSolve by Hedson can be coagulated and filtered, thereby saving the user from expensive waste collection. After cleaning with solvents, clean rinse with water.

  • Anti-corrosion additives which protect both aluminium and brass, both in spray gun and gun cleaner
  • Works with all paint brands
  • Complies with the REACH directive
  • Easy to ship, non-dangerous goods
  • Long lasting – mix 1 bottle (1 l) with 10 litre water

Delivered in 1 l x 12 pcs/bottles 230120