IRT UV SpotCure

The safest and best curing performance for minor to moderate repairs, curing will reduce from minutes to seconds. UV SpotCure - when you want to optimize your workflow and save time and money

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IRT UV SpotCure

IRT UV SpotCure Hedson curing


UV SpotCure ensures UV-paint materials to be 100% cured and enables reliable paint processes in body shops. Low energy consumption and a long LED lifetime keep the cost per curing job very low. Overall maintenance is reduced and the elimination of a warm-up cycle reduces technician downtime

IRT UV SpotCure Hedson curing

Save money

The LED lamps work at lower temperatures than standard UV bulbs, providing an added margin of safety for your shop. With built-in fans, the UV-A LED’s and internal components are kept cool, reducing the risk of overheating the units, also extending the lifetime of the lamps to beyond 20,000 hours, with a minimal loss of curing power over that time

IRT UV SpotCure Hedson curing

Easy to use

With the highest UV light intensity compared to other curing devices on the market, the UV SpotCure generates more UV-A intensity in a shorter time and more precisely, enabling the user in moving the unit in the same way as when painting with a spray gun, with no risk of damaging the surface

Technical Specification

IRT UV SpotCure

IRT UV SpotCure
Part.no. 750746
220-240V, 1Ph/PE
50 - 60 Hz
2 A
Recommended Fuse
10 A
425 W
Noise Level
<70 dB (A)
Weight - total (incl. rack)
7 kg (16 lb)
Weight - handheld unit
1,4 kg (3.4 lb)
Wavelength (peak)
395 nm
Measurements (W/H/D) - handheld unit
147/195/160 mm
Measurements (W/H/D) - rack unit
256/374/271 mm
Cord length
10 m (394")
Risk Group EN62471
3 (RG-3)
Included in delivery
UV safety glasses, 1 x cable hook


IRT UV SpotCure
10.36 MB

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