Product Highlights - Boxer Aqua

Efficient functions

The Drester Boxer Aqua cleaner is equipped with functions specifically intended to make the work as efficient as possible like automatic agitation of the water during flocculation

Cost savings

The gun cleaners are equipped with a flow-through brush, which is fed with recycled water to easier remove the hard water-borne paints for cost saving as well as the environment


Foot-operated pumps for hands-free operation and tocontrol and reduce the solvent consumption, making the unit more ergonomic for the operator

Technical Specification

Drester Boxer Aqua DB22A (standard unit)
Shipment dimensions
1 pcs on pallet, 760*900 mm, 80 kg
65 kg (140 lb)
Compressed air needed
7–12 bar (110–180 psi) 250 l/min (9 cfm)
Extraction capacity - with 15 m extension
140 m³/h (82 cfm)
Extraction capacity - with 5 m extension
180 m³/h (106 cfm)
1510 mm (59,5”)
835 mm (33,0”)
Max depth
650 mm (25,5”)
Depth at the floor
610 mm (24,0”)
Extractor diameter
80 mm (3,15”)



Better cleaning performance, now with a new formula 230120

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Filters for better cleaning performance R8701

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Efficient cleaning of the
waste water R9211

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Minivent (3ph. 380V, 250W) 2050
Minivent (3ph. 415V, 250W) 2055
Minivent (1ph. 230V, 250W) 1294
Magnetic gun holder 15650
Kit for suction-fed gun 15640
Extension tube 10455
Adapter for side-fed gun 17270
Flow-through wash brush 13136
Wash brush (3pcs of 13136) R4466
Foldable lid 15610
3-minute kit 8910
Collecting tray 10960