Herkules AirgoMatic 3213

The next generation of Herkules lifts, AirgoMatic, provides optimized ergonomics and high process security

Product Highlights

High capacity

The lifting and lowering of the working height is done safely and smoothly with a Herkules HLS 3213 by Hedson and increases the access to damaged areas and the ergonomic work process with loading capacity up to 3,2 tons


As all Herkules by Hedson lifts are silicone & oil free (PWIS-free, stands for paint-wetting impairment substances) - the risk of spreading silicone in the shop is eliminated and thereby making sure jobs do not have to be redone

Ergonomic & space saving

Ergonomically friendly and space saving as minimal space is required in the workshop due to the low cantilevers

Technical Specification

Herkules HLS 3213

Herkules HLS 3213 - version 1
Part.no. HLS 3213-11
Herkules HLS 3213 - version 2
Part.no. HLS 3213-14
Herkules HLS 3213 - version 3
Part.no. DUO3213-11
Herkules HLS 3213 - version 4
Part.no. DUO3213-14
Herkules HLS 3213 - version 5
Part.no. DUO3213-16
Lifting height
1300 mm (51' 18")
Loading capacity
3,2 tons
Air supply
6 bar (87,02 psi)
Working height
~ 1600 mm (62' 99")
Installation - version 1, 3
Installation - version 2, 4
Installation - version 5
In-ground with CE-stop