Drester Classic 2600

The complete manual gun cleaner for efficient cleaning of spray guns and other tools

Product Highlights - Classic 2600


The Drester 2600 is equipped with an air powered extraction unit that operates when the lid is open. It efficiently protects the operator from harmful fumes

Cost saving

The Drester 2600 by Hedson has a wash brush which is fed with recirculating solvent and a nozzle in the lid for rinse with clean solvent. Cost saving since less solvent is used


Manual clean rinse with venture nozzle and foot operated for hands-free operation. Complete manual gun cleaner - all you need in one unit for manual cleaning

Technical Specification

Drester Classic 2600
Part.no. 2600 (standard unit)
Shippment dimensions
1 pcs on ½ pallet, 600*800 mm, 35 kg
30 kg
990 mm (39”)
700 mm (27,5”)
Air consumption
250 l/min (9 cfm)
Extraction capacity - 15 m extr. duct
140 m³/h (82 c.f.m)
Extraction capacity - 5 m extr. duct
180 m³/h (106 c.f.m)
Air supply
5-12 bar (80-180 psi)
Liquid volume of machine
35 l


Drester Classic 2600
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