Drester Classic 1000

The world’s no.1 manual gun cleaner for all water-borne paint systems. User friendly with a built-in waste recycling system helping to saving money and the environment

Product Highlights - Classic 1000


Drester Classic 1000 is foot operated for hands-free operation, optimizing user friendliness for the operator

Automatic water evacuation

After filtration the water can be re-used or pumped away into the drain (subject to local Water Authority approval). This means that manual evacuation of Drester 1000 is not necessary

Round sink

A round sink with no welding seams for easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance, any residues can easily be detected

Technical Specification

Drester Classic 1000
Part.no. 1000 (standard unit)
24 kg
Air consumption
100 l/min (4 cfm)
Flow through brush
1,5-2 l/min
Air supply
5-12 bar (80-180 psi)
Liquid volume of machine
35 l
1220 mm (48”)
Ø 590 mm (23”)

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Efficient cleaning of the
waste water
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Flow-through wash brush
Part.no. 13136
Wash brush (3pcs. of 13136)
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Flush gun
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Set up kit
Part.no. 8980
Wheel set
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Moisture trap
Part.no. 4020
Cover plate
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