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Body & Paint shop solutions

Cure advanced but easily

Advanced curing technology that is easy to use and speeds up the workflow

Superior gun cleaners

With quality and reliability our superior gun cleaners fit all the needs in the body and paint shop

Improve your curing

Not only short curing time, large curing areas, but also environmentally friendly

Painters should paint

With our durable and flexible gun cleaners you will speed up the workflow, and let the painters paint!

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IRT Infrared and UV Curing by Hedson
Advanced and user friendly technology that cures the paint from inside and out, with short curing times and large curing areas.

Drester Gun Cleaners by Hedson
With a very broad range we offer safe, easy to use and with excellent cleaning performance, gun cleaners to suit every need in the workshop.

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excellent performance

Drester by Hedson offer several standard gun cleaners that are easy to use, fast and gives a superior cleaning result, all to meet the needs that are specific to different sizes of body shops

Environmentally friendly

Our mobile dryers irradiate the object and do not heat the surrounding air thereby minimizing energy losses. This provides an efficient use of energy and shortens drying times, which is good for the environment

unequalled range

Drester by Hedson have developed an unequalled range of reliable, durable components, specifically designed for gun cleaners and all gun cleaners fulfil the latest legislations and offer the highest possible safety

Time savings

With 12 pre-set and 3 custom programs, you can handle all paint materials on the market. Thanks to the easily understandable and self-instructional menus, program selection is quick and easy, reducing curing time