Drester by Hedson - 40 years

Drester produced the world’s first spray gun cleaners and wheel washers

Drester by Hedson - 40 years

40 years of innovated cleaning products for the automotive industry all around the world. Drester was established in 1978, and 5 years later we launched the world’s first gun cleaner. In 1989 we launched the first generation of the Drester 2900 Wheel washer and a new business area was invented.


Quality, durability, performance, and reliability! Superior gun cleaners to fit all the needs in the body and paint shop!

  • Drester started 1978 developing spray gun cleaners
  • Drester by Hedson is a Swedish invention
  • Drester launched the first Gun Cleaner in the world 1983!
  • Decades of experience in designing and manufacturing a superior range of Gun Cleaners with millions of satisfied users
  • All Drester by Hedson Gun Cleaners helps you consume less solvent and save money
  • All BoXer Gun Cleaners are featured with a patented magnetic gun holder – simplify the cleaning and use of the gun cleaner
  • Drester by Hedson offers models for all needs, solvent-based, water-borne or a combination of solvent-based and water-borne cleaning
  • Drester Gun Cleaners are approved by all major spray gun suppliers
  • 2002 New innovation – dynamic triple a unique closed handling system for reducing solvent consumption in spray gun cleaning
  • 2011 new innovation – magnetic gun clip – enables more efficient spray gun cleaning routines


Technology that improves the speed, efficiency and profitability in the tire shop

  • 1989 – The first generation Drester 2900 is released. Drester invents the business area wheel washers.
  • 1993 – The second generation of Drester 2900 released.
  • 1999 Hedson Technologies if formed after the merge of Drester and IRT
  • 2005 the world’s first fully automatic wheel washer accelerates throughput, reduces manpower and improves ergonomics in tire shops
  • 2014 quick lift makes routines easier in tire shops with a faster, more ergonomic tire lifting and loading process for automatic wheel washers