IRT Automotive Curing – we are specialists in making your workshop reach its full capacity

The IRT curing range comprises every dryer you may need – from compact handheld units and several mobile dryers to rail systems and arches based on different curing technologies. All the products are professional drying tools with a very high quality standard, giving the lowest possible life time cost for customers. Attention to detail and designed with the bodyshop in mind ensures years of trouble free use!

  • IRT Hyperion Mobiles

    IRT Hyperion offers a wide range of Short-wave Infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UVA) mobile dryers and each model has its own specific area of use.

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  • IRT Hyperion Rail System

    With an IRT Hyperion Rail System, you can quickly manoeuvre the heater into the perfect curing position, reaching all parts of the car.

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  • IRT PowerCure

    The IRT PowerCure is designed to be installed inside the spray booth. The SETS features take in-booth drying to the next level.

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  • IRT High Performance Dryers (DTP)

    Its site of use is the preparation area and finishing area and serves exclusively to accelerate the drying/curing of putty, filler, base and clear coats.

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  • IRT UVA Dryers

    The ultraviolet light spectrum generated by a UV-lamp interacts with special coating chemistries to produce a high-quality curing. We also offer a product with both infrared and UV lamps.

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