IRT PowerCure

Save energy, time and space with the perfect solution for paint booth curing. With IRT PowerCure the car can be returned in the shortest possible time

Product Highlights - PowerCure

Time saving

Automatically moves to the right position corresponding to the chosen panels. The front and the back of the vehicle are easily cured as the wings can be angled towards the painted surface. The shape and positioning of the reflectors give an even heat distribution.
The vehicle and loose parts can be cured in the same drying cycle thanks to the intelligent
software technology

Intelligent software

The control equipment includes sensors and micro­processors which register and regulate
power output, speed, distance and times. Adapts to different paint materials as well as the size and shape of the car. Effective heating of selected zones adjusted by means of a laser distance sensor. Advanced ventilation adds to IRT lamp life cycle, >20,000 working hours/lamp

Efficient curing

The IRT PowerCure can be installed in a spray booth and between two in-line placed spray booths. It is easy to adapt to all types of booths, due to the suspension by rails attached to the spray booth walls. Further the IRT PowerCure is designed to dry 1-3 panels of the vehicle and for loose parts. During spraying, the arch can be separated from the spray booth by an automatic roller door.

Technical Specification

Installed power
54 kW / 63 A (20 lamps à 3 kW less 6 kW supply voltage compensation)
400 V, 3Ph ~/PE
50-60 Hz

IRT PowerCure - Curing times

Base coat (approx.) - 4 min
Curing times - Bonnet
Clear coat (approx.) - 7 min
Base coat (approx.) - 3 min
Curing times - Door
Clear coat (approx.) - 5 min


Installation Manual
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