IRT Rail Systems

Overhead and wall installed rails for IRT rail dryers (example IRT Precise)


High/Low Temp Rail Systems

Simple, space-saving fixed curing installations. With an IRT Hyperion Rail System, you can quickly maneuver the infrared heater into the perfect curing position, reaching all parts of the car or other product/components. The rails can be equipped with any number of infrared/UV Combi heaters, all hanging on easy-glide self-balanced cassette arms. Precious space between products/components can be saved and there are no loose or trailing cables on the floor to disturb the work process. The rails can be customized to suit all workshops and assembly lines. A rail system constitutes a flexible solution. It is just as practical in a spray booth as in the prep station.

  • Simple installation
  • Easy to move and set up in an exact position
  • More flexible workshops
  • No cables on the floor – free areas
  • Excellent fit in tight areas between cars or other product/components