IRT Rail System Dryers Combi

Unique mobile dryer due to the combination of short-wave infrared and UVA radiation. Simple and space saving high quality curing rail system dryers customized for workshops and assembly lines

Product Highlights - IRT Combi 4-20 IR-UVA

curing_IR UVA IRT


With an IRT Rail system Combi dryer by Hedson, quickly manoeuvre into the perfect curing position, reaching all parts of the vehicle. Equipped with advanced technology such as temperature measurement, laser pointer and ultrasonic distance sensor. For reliable and extremely quick curing of both IR and UV materials.


The rails can be equipped with any number of heaters, installed in easy-glide trolleys on self-balanced cassette arms. Precious space between the vehicles can be saved, and no loose or trailing cables on the floor disturb the work process

Energy savings

All our rail system dryers have gold-coated reflectors which provide a more even heat distribution and a larger curing area than conventional reflectors, while they feature reduced power consumption. This increases productivity and raises the quality of the result of drying

Technical Specification


IRT Rail System Assembly
10.34 MB

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