Drester Gun Cleaners by Hedson

Reliable and environmentally friendly solutions with high quality

Gun cleaners by Hedson

Superior quality

All gun cleaners from Drester by Hedson are certified and patented products with superior quality. With decades of experience in designing and manufacturing complex components, Drester by Hedson has created a superior range of key components, specifically designed for use in gun cleaners

Time saving

Durable and flexible gun cleaners that are easy to use with an excellent cleaning performance. Do not let your professional personnel spend their time by cleaning the spray guns - let Drester by Hedson help them with that, and therefor keep your competent staff

Unequalled range

The environment in which a gun cleaner operates requires components with quite special features. Therefore, Drester by Hedson have developed an unequalled range of reliable, durable components, specifically designed for gun cleaners and all gun cleaners fulfil the latest legislations and offer the highest possible safety


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Gun cleaning solutions

Drester by Hedson offer several standard gun cleaners that are easy to use, fast and gives a superior cleaning result, all to meet the needs that are specific to different sizes of body shops. Drester by Hedson has been at the very forefront of developing spray gun cleaners, ever since it made the world’s first gun cleaner. With a very broad range, Drester by Hedson offer gun cleaners to suits every need in the workshop.

  • Certified and patented products with superior quality
  • Swedish inventions that satisfy customer needs
  • Superior range of key components

Drester Ace

With new and unique Capture@Source ventilation

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drester by hedson wastemanagement WM90

Drester Waste Management

Improves the working environment and collects the paint waste in a safe and efficient way

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Drester Dynamic Triple

Better gun cleaning performance with an environmentally friendly closed system of solvents

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Drester Mixing table

Keep the mixing room structured for a more efficient workflow

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drester by hedson quickrinse gun cleaners qr-10

Drester QuickRinse

A manual gun cleaner for use with disposable cups, for both water-borne and solvent based paints

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drester by hedson classic 8000 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 8000

An automatic gun cleaner with automatic clean rinse, designed for use with solvent-based or water-borne conventional or water based paints

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drester by hedson classic 3600 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 3600

Automatic gun cleaner with manual clean rinse, designed for use with conventional paints

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drester by hedson classic 2600 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 2600

The complete manual gun cleaner for efficient cleaning of spray guns and other tools

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drester by hedson classic 1050 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 1050

Manual spray gun cleaner with brush and high pressure rinse gun

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Drester by hedson classic 1000 gun cleaner

Drester Classic 1000

The world’s no.1 manual gun cleaner for all water-borne paint systems

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