Drester Gun Cleaners

The global leader of spray gun cleaners and wheel washers

Cleaning Problems we solve

Safe products

Certified and patented products with superior quality. Swedish inventions satisfy customer needs

Cost saving

Outstanding cleaning performance that saves time and money due to less use of solvent

Easy to use

Durable and flexible gun cleaners that are easy to use with an excellent cleaning performance

Time saving

Reduce time spent cleaning guns and handling waste with Drester by Headson products

Drester gun cleaners

A perfectly clean spray gun is essential
We understand that a perfectly clean spray gun is essential for performing a professional spray job. As a pioneer in the field and an experienced partner in the industry, we have the insight to deliver optimum solutions that provide perfect cleaning results, protect against chemicals and cut solvent consumption. We offer a wide range of high performance gun cleaners for solvent-based and water-borne paint systems to cover all body and paint shop needs.

Hedson Drester Gun Cleaners

Drester Boxer Combo

Gun cleaners with the possibility with solvent-based and water-based cleaning

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Drester Boxer Solvent

Cleaning process with re-circulating solvent and clean solvent, which saves time and solvent

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Drester Boxer Aqua

Water-borne gun cleaner that easily removes the hard paints with the flow-through brush

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Drester Boxer Compact

User-friendly and superior cleaning with a afficient and solvent saving manual clean rinse

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Drester X-series

High-quality gun cleaners with excellent cleaning performance, with welded stainless working platform

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Drester Classic 1000

Robust and user-friendly spray gun cleaner with high performance, for water-borne paint

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Drester Classic 1050

Manual spray gun cleaner with brush and high pressure rinse gun, designed to handle water based paints

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Drester Classic 2600

The complete manual gun cleaner, solvent saving, for efficient cleaning of spray guns and other tools

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Drester Classic 3600

A automatic gun cleaner with manual clean rinse, designed for use with conventional paints

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Drester Classic 8000

A automatic gun cleaner with automatic and manual clean rinse, designed for use with conventional or water- based paints

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Drester QuickRinse

Quick and easy cleaning with a efficient and user friendly pneumatic rinsing gun cleaner for use with disposable cup systems

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Drester Mixing Table

Keep the mixing room structured for a more efficient workflow with the practical mixing table from Drester by Hedson

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Drester Dynamic Triple

Better gun cleaning performance with an environmentally friendly closed system of handling solvents

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Drester Waste Management

Improves the work environment and collect the paint waste in a safe and efficient way

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