Herkules Hexacomb Turbo

A vacuum system designed for self-installation, highly efficient and user friendly

Product Highlights


Herkules Hexacomb Turbo has as standard equipment an automatic system start for both air and electrical tools as well as an automatic pneumatic filter cleaning. This vacuum system solution offers Hexagons with ceiling or wall assembly as well as swivel arm with a length of 5 m. The connection is a result of a pipe system

Strong & silent

The turbine in the vacuum system with its 64 dB is more silent than a modern vacuum cleaner and the Hexagon energy head or alternatively the multifunctional terminal will provide work places with vacuum power, air pressure and electricity


The Herkules Dust Extractions by Hedson is a vacuum system for multiple users with double connection for power supply, adjustable compressed air connection and extraction. It combines recent product design, high efficiency and a user-friendly handling

Technical Specification

Electric tension - T2 Turbo, Wall-mounted
1,3 kW (Part.no. - E1W)
Electric tension - T2 Turbo, Cabinet
1,3 kW (Part.no. - E1S)
Electric tension - Hexacomb T2, Wall-mounted
1,3 kW/ 230 V (Part.no. - HEXA-COMB-T2W)
Electric tension - Hexacomb T2, Cabinet
1,3 kW/ 230 V (Part.no. - HEXA-COMB-T2S)


Panel E1S for flush-mounting
Part.no. 200-236
Set of pipe connection 5 m between T2 turbine and C1C terminal for exhaust, compressed air and electricity
Part.no. D1G
Magnetic support
Part.no. 300-408
Hexagon with T-piece
Part.no. C1A
Swivel arm 5 m and Hexagon
Part.no. C1B
Main distribution line (per m)
Part.no. C1E
T-piece for main distribution line
Part.no. D1A
Festo adapter IAS 2
Part.no. 340-007
Festo adapter IAS 3
Part.no. 300-404

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