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Time is money and this is as important on the shop floor as anywhere else. That is why Hedson brands are engineered with one thing in mind - to help you serve your customers faster, better and more profitably

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Serve customers smarter, better and more profitably
High profitability in a car refinishing shop is obtained by processing repair jobs in the most efficient way. Bottlenecks and waiting time must be minimized so the car can be returned to its owner in the shortest possible time. The objective for all Hedson solutions is to offer high productivity and performance as well as saving time and energy.
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Body & Paint shops, Tire shops

Serve customers faster, better and more profitably with high performance workshop equipment from Hedson. Increase the service level and earn more money


Industrial Solutions

Infrared heating technology solutions for instant and precisely controlled heating to reduce production times, while lowering energy costs and saving the environment