Trisk CureMaster 2 DTL

For all kinds of workshops – cure all paint material

Trisk CureMaster2 DTL is used for small to medium-sized repairs and for primers, but it has sufficient output to cure all kinds of paint materials. Two 3 kW cassettes – each cassette equipped with 3 high efficient reflectors.

The mobile dryer is used to accelerate the drying of putty, filler, base and top coats. This applies to both water-based and solvent-based products. The easily movable dryer is equipped with two compact heads. Each head is equipped with a ventilator, filter and 3 shortwave lamps with individual reflectors protected by a mesh.

The operating unit includes a microprocessor with drying program selection. It has electronic distance sensor, laser pointer and full temperature control function, thereby achieving optimum curing. Integrated ventilator in head cools the metal and IR lamps in order to prolong their liftime (~ 15.000h).