IRT 3-20 PcD

Dryers with high output and capacity adapted for the IRT rail system by Hedson, for prep station and spray booth

Product Highlights - IR Dryers 3-20PcD

Advanced technology

Computerized curing process, 12 pre-set and 3 custom programs. The pyrometer ensures exact temperature control and the laser circle indicates where temperature measuring takes place - all to optimize the job result


Can be customized to suit all workshops for a optimized workflow and personalized needs. Reach and quickly manoeuvre the heater into the perfect curing position, reaching all parts of the vehicle


hese dryers are suspended in permanently installed rails and are easy gliding and self-balancing, both laterally and vertically in all directions. As the electric power supply is integrated in the rails, there are no loose cables dragging along the floor disrupting work and raking up dust

Technical Specification

3-20 PcAuto

3-20 PcAuto - version 1 800477
3-20 PcAuto - version 2 800463
Voltage - version 1
200-230V 3Ph/PE
Voltage - version 2
400V 3Ph/PE
50-60 Hz
Current - version 1
15 A
Current - version 2
9 A
Output power
6 kW
16 A


Lamp-IR 2kW 235V 360 U CPL
Part. no. 102699
Lamp-IR 1kW 235V 360 U CPL
Part. no. 102700
IRT cassette air filter
Part. no. 713576
10 pcs IRT cassette air filter
Part. no. 713576-10


Rail System Assembly
10.34 MB

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